Friday, June 22, 2007

How to define enterprise-level business requirements? Part3

Siebel Analytics Application are pre-built BI applications Designed and Built to provide a best of breed architect to offer a enterprise wide BI solution. There are four things that makes Siebel Analytics a Complete, next-generation Analytic Solution:

1. Siebel Analytics goes across the entire Siebel product family – along both Cross Industry (Horizontal) and Industry Vertical product lines.
2. Siebel Analytics is meant for all constituents in the organization, not just for a few power users, it is meant for everyone – throughout the Enterprise and beyond.
3. Siebel Analytics spans historical and real-time data sources providing a real-time (could be up-to-the-minute) and complete picture of the customer and business.
4. Siebel Analytics is not just targeted at Siebel data and Siebel information, but embraces and incorporates other Enterprise data sources to deliver complete commerce chain intelligence. Thus fulfilling the need to handle the enterprise platform data requirements.

"A complete business analytics solution is a complete next generation business and customer analytics solution. It offers pre-built topical and industry specific analytic applications that deliver best practice analyses across the eBusiness value chain; a comprehensive and configurable data warehousing solution that transforms data from Siebel and other internal and external sources into actionable intelligence; a highly scalable and open analytic platform that delivers new levels of insight from data that spans sources across the enterprise; and extensive support for global deployments."
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