Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oracle BI EE

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (Oracle BI EE) offers an integrated, comprehensive, standards-based BI platform that provides the best foundation for building enterprise wide BI solutions. It leverages the Oracle's existing data warehousing and business intelligence tools, with a new stack of products listed here.
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition specifically consists of:

Oracle BI Server: Centralized data access and calculation via a logical Common Enterprise Information Model through to the end-user products and other SQL-based tools.

Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards: Personalized, highly intuitive, guided and fully interactive access to cockpits of live analyses.

Oracle BI Answers: Self-service ad hoc capabilities allowing end users to easily create charts, pivot tables, reports, and visually appealing dashboards, all of which are fully interactive and drillable.

Oracle BI Delivers: Proactive intelligence solution providing alerts that can reach users via multiple channels (e-mail, dashboards, and mobile devices), as well as workflow integration.

Oracle BI Disconnected Analytics: Full business intelligence functionality for the mobile professional, enabling fully interactive dashboards and ad hoc analysis while disconnected from the corporate network .

Oracle BI Publisher: High-fidelity report templates that are created and published via common personal productivity applications delivered directly or through Interactive Dashboards to end users.

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