Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I recommend this article from BI Review Magazine

"It is clear that technology is not the root cause for the failure rate reported in the Howard Dresner article. Most failings rest on the shoulders of the business consumer who continually focuses on technology and data sources instead of the business strategy, processes, and definitions. Politics and unwillingness to accept the new paradigm, the continued application of traditional approaches and the lack of a cohesive workforce keeps many organizations in the batter's box and others at first base. BI is not about fancy Web-based reports providing statistics from compiled information in a data warehouse. BI is no longer just looking backwards. Technology now enables us to look at what is occurring at this instant and to forecast what may materialize. BI today is about guided decision-making through the delivery of information from a variety of available resources. The concept Howard Dresner raised 17 years ago is now accessible at new levels"

Business Intelligence: The Chicken or The Egg
From BI Review Magazine
June 2007 IssueBy John Zeller June 1, 2007

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