Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This lady is one of the experts in the industry that I admire

"It's been my experience that companies whose BI initiatives are aligned with their corporate strategies take two important steps. They:

  • Focus on the business value and eliminate their BI anarchy, and
  • Bring the appropriate resources to bear and use a collaborative approach to problem solving.

I know it seems like there should be more to it than that, but these two steps can be applied to almost any company and situation. Every company has individual needs, of course, but I've found that companies that take these two steps are generally more effective at aligning BI and corporate strategy."

Information Strategy:Putting the Business Back into Business Intelligence, Part 2

Column published in DM Review Magazine
June 2007 Issue

Jane Griffin


This is a very smart lady. I had the pleasure of meeting her in ATL while interviewing for a position. I still remember the set of questions she asked me. They had not relation with BI or Data Warehouse but some how I recognize their intelligent content, reason why I still remember them after 7 years and so many other interviews since them.

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