Thursday, August 2, 2007

Enterprise Performance Management System

For those of you that missed today web cast from Oracle, here is the link

The future is called Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition Plus. The past was Siebel Analytics and Hyperion. In order for Siebel Analytics or Hyperion consultants to claim the title of Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition Plus consultant. We need to transfer knowledge and increase cooperation between the two groups. Break all barriers and seek a common goal which is to provide value to our customers.

There is not a better example than the one Oracle and Hyperion are showing us in this web cast. No other product in the world come close to what this suite of tool is capable to deliver. Finally, in terms of BI applications, there is nothing out there able to compete against Oracle BI applications and when the integration with BMP applications from Hyperion is completed; it would take a long time and resources for the Germany to developed something similar organically. This is why Oracle acquired Hyperion, to position itself to delivery an
Enterprise Performance Management System

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