Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Using Embedded BI Analytics for Near-Real-Time Decisions and Actions

What is the Simple Object Access Protocol?
The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendation for an XML protocol for exchanging information on the Web.

What is Oracle BI Web Services?
Oracle BI Web Services is an application programming interface (API) that implements SOAP. Oracle BI Web Services allows you to perform three types of function:

  • Extract results from Oracle BI Presentation Services and deliver them to external applications.
  • Perform Oracle BI Presentation Catalog management functions.
  • Execute Oracle Business Intelligence alerts (known as iBots).

Oracle BI Web Services allows external applications such as J2EE and .NET to use Oracle Business Intelligence as an analytical calculation and data integration engine. It provides a set of Presentation Services that allow external applications to communicate with Oracle BI Presentation Services. One can use Oracle BI Web Services to extract results from Oracle BI Presentation Services and deliver them to external applications and Web application environments. One can reference a saved report or send the criteria for the report to Oracle BI Web Services.

The formal definition of services and methods in Oracle BI Web Services can be retrieved in WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) format. Proxy classes for the services can be generated automatically.

The XML Schema Definition (XSD) file for the services is the file SawServices.xsd, which is located in the \Web\App\Res\Wsdl\Schemas directory in the Oracle Business Intelligence Platform installation directory. The XSD file is used internally and cannot be used separately.

Oracle BI Web Services is supported on Oracle JDeveloper, Apache Axis, and the Microsoft .NET framework.

For more information about the SOAP recommendation, consult a reference such as the Microsoft Developer Network or the W3C Web site.

In conclusion, this is SOA technology which can be leverage to build operational BI application, so organization can accomplish Near-Real-Time Decisions and Actions by using Embedded BI Analytics in OLTP.

For more information: read How Oracle BI applications handle real time analysis? or view on demand webcast Using Embedded BI Analytics for Near-Real-Time Decisions and Actions.

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