Thursday, November 20, 2008

12 Technologies That Pay Off in a Recession

  • "Open-Source Software – It’s true that over a three- to five-year return on investment window, proprietary software can be viewed as being less expensive, but with a price of acquisition near zero, open source is hard to ignore.
  • Virtualization Software – The basic concept of virtualization is to increase the utilization rate of existing hardware assets. That’s music to the ears of customers under extreme budget pressure.
  • Managed Services – Labor is still the biggest expense when it comes to IT. Reducing the cost of labor around IT is at the top of the CFO’s agenda.
  • Cloud Computing – Perhaps this is little more than hosted services by another name. But when everybody is using the same set of buzzwords, it’s best to pay close attention.
  • Software as a Service – Whether it’s delivered by a major vendor or a local solution provider, SAAS is a solution to be considered for customers short on capital expense budgets required to build on-premises applications.
  • Security – How security is achieved may be going through a major transformation, but the need for it has never been more acute. Governance – Along with risk management and compliance, the whole downturn in the economy has empowered government officials to introduce even more regulations.
  • Business Intelligence – The downturn in the economy has people all over the business community looking for more insight. Systems Management – Reducing the number of people required to manage IT systems is going to resonate with customers as they struggle through the downturn.
  • Storage Management – Regardless of the state of the economy, the amount of data that needs to be managed continues to grow exponentially.
  • Video Conferencing – All the talk is about unified communications, but when you get right down to it, customers are trying to reduce travel costs.
  • Green IT – This is going to be a whole lot less about saving carbons and a whole lot more on reducing energy costs."

Making Money on Technology in a Recession
DATE: 2008-11-19
By Michael Vizard

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Amparo said...

It does help any business to tag along, even under the economic recession. Not only does it help in lower a company's expenses, it also increases work production. By applying these techologies, a business will not just stand during the crisis, it will also bring progress.

Amparo Curtis