Thursday, June 28, 2007

Business Process Management

I just completed two tutorial for for Oracle JDeveloper which I recommend to every one who consider themselves a BI resource. They are:

Defining Business Requirements using UML Use Case diagram in JDeveloper 10g

Modeling Activities for E-Business Integration

I could not complete the last one since I do not have the menu option to complete "Step 8 - Setting E-Business Integration Properties"

Now days, everyone that works in the BI field needs to take into account BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT, BPM, why? Because applications like Siebel Analytics now Oracle BI set a trend in which drilling into analytics dashboards from the OLTP application is a simple technical procedure; nevertheless, not easy to implement effectively.

It is my believe that in order for a BI application to be truly pervasive. It needs to answer the basic questions who, what and when at the instance the user can pro-actively take action from the information which is being supplied through the interface between OLTP and BI applications.

The following quote is from Jim Ericson editorial "Step By Step" BI Review June 2007.
"I think a casual observer at most companies we study would find that the greatest stumbling block in operational Business Intelligence lie in those neglected, unknown or ad hoc business processes. I do catch myself going overboard on this topic, but how many times does it have to be said: Business processes make up the language that is least abstracted from the psyche of the business itself"

Technical people needs to learn how to speak the business language in order to communicate to its pears in the Business team. I also think Business people need to be less resistance to learn new technology and procedures in order to meet its pears in the Technical team half way. Only then we would be successful implementing the next generation of application which Oracle is bringing to the market.

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