Thursday, July 5, 2007

Collaboration Increases Confidence in IT Teams

A lot has been said about IT and Business not getting alone or work in collaboration. The following quote brings some truth to this problem:

"When business users see IT professionals actively and loudly debating the merits of some technical decision, they lose confidence in IT as a whole. When they continue to see the same issue raised throughout a project or carrying over to other projects, they lose confidence in all IT professionals, even if only a few are the cause of the issue.

Jerry Weinberg writes:
“If you use the same recipe, you get the same bread.”

If you want a more collaborative team, you have to change how and where you work."

Karen López, I.S.P.
Collaborating with Developers and DBAs: 7 Steps to an Easier Project, a Better Product and a
Stronger Team
InfoAdvisors, Inc.

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