Thursday, July 5, 2007

Team Collaboration

I am a strong believer on the following quote:

"When teams work together with a common goal and a passion for success, their projects succeed. When the opposite occurs, everyone loses, including the team, the employer, and their customers.

In the course of my normal consulting assignments, I’m often told that there’s something wrong with the data or with the process models being prepared by the team architects, but what I often find is that there is a significant disconnect between what the architects are doing and what the rest of the team expects them to do.

In this paper, I will look at some of the problems that data and process architects face in working with other IT roles and seven easy and inexpensive steps they can take to ensure a collaborative team environment."

Karen López, I.S.P.
Collaborating with Developers and DBAs: 7 Steps to an Easier Project, a Better Product and a Stronger Team
InfoAdvisors, Inc.

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Karen Lopez - said...

Thank you for blogging about my whitepaper.

I also present at many user groups about this topic, including DAMA, ERwin User Groups, and the Embarcadero ERSIG.

In fact, I'm presenting on this topic via a webinar on 9 April 2008.

See the first page of my website for instructions on joining.

I think it is important that we architects have a keen understanding of why there are natural and unavoidable conflicts between our work and the work of developers of DBAs. When we understand those natural differences, we are better equipped to mitigate the differences.