Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Essabse + OBIEE = Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

  • Essbase is a key part of Oracle’s Business Intelligence Foundation Layer
  • Essbase and Hyperion Performance Management Applications can play several roles in this architecture
    ‣ As a data source
    ‣ As a data consumer
    ‣ As a portal for all Oracle BI
    ‣ As a MS Office integration point
  • Essbase can benefit from Oracle BI Enterprise Semantic Model
  • OBIEE can benefit from Essbase calculations and analytics

Performance Management and BI Applications:

  • Share two common ETL tools
    ‣ Informatica PowerCenter, a.k.a. Essbase Data Integration Management
    ‣ Oracle Data Integrator, uses custom Knowledge Modules for OBIEE / Essbase load
  • ODI likely to be the strategic ETL tool going forward
  • Potential to combine Performance Management Applications loading with the main DW ETL process of BI Applications

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