Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Essbase and Oracle BI EE Integration Points

1. Essbase can be a data source for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

  • OBIEE can connect to multidimensional as well as relational sources (Microsoft Analysis Services, SAP B/W, now Essbase 9.3.1/11.1)
  • Import process converts the multidimensional view into a relational view
  • Essbase cubes, dimensions, hierarchies converted to a logical relational star schema
  • Essbase data can then be combined with data from sources
  • Typically used to bring in budget, forecast data etc from Essbase into OBIEE logical model
2. The OBIEE Semantic Model can be a data source for Essbase cubes
  • Essbase Studio can connect to Oracle BI Server as a data source
  • Oracle BIEE Presentation Layer Folders appear as databases
  • Connects via HTTP rather than ODBC, JDBC
  • Brings across tables, columns (not hierarchies)
  • Provides access to the data federation & metadata capabilities of OBIEE

3. SmartSpace can consume both Essbase and OBIEE data sources

  • Smart View and Smart Space 11.1 support OBIEE from releases
  • Works through Provider Services, but Provider Services / Essbase license not required for use
  • OBIEE added as a data source, connects via JDBC
  • OBIEE content can be viewed within Smart Space gadgets
    ‣ Oracle BI Answers
    ‣ Oracle BI Publisher
    ‣ Oracle BI Delivers
    ‣ Oracle BI Dashboards

4. Hyperion Workspace can host OBIEE Dashboards, Answers, Delivers and Publisher

  • From OBIEE and Hyperion EPM 11.1, OBIEE tools can be embedded in Hyperion Workspace
  • Access all tools through a common UI
    ‣ Oracle BI Dashboards
    ‣ Oracle BI Answers
    ‣ Oracle BI Delivers
    ‣ Oracle BI Publisher

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